May 26, 2021

Who’s the ‘Ugly American’ Now?

Liberals Are Trying To Hide That The World Agrees With Conservatives

In 1958, a novel describing the failures of American foreign policy made a splash. The problem, it said, was that Americans knew nothing and cared less about people in other…

F.H. Buckley

What to Do About China’s Emissions Problem

Biden Wants To Punish Americans But Allows China To Skate Free

Each year China is producing so much more in greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) that the U.S. and EU could become carbon neutral and … it essentially wouldn’t matter. That is,…

Michael Fumento

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Memorial Day and a Nation of Narcissistic Ninnies

The Left Plans To Desecrate Memorial Day

America, home of the free because of the brave, lacks brave people. Memorial Day approaches and too many Americans cannot fathom believing in anything enough to risk their lives for…

Melissa Mackenzie

Gaza Round 4: Hamas Follows the Classic Terror Playbook

For decades, terrorists have relied on three weapons to fight the West: our technology, our media, and our laws and associated values. First, they turned our technology against us: on September 11, 2001, they converted civilian jetliners into flying bombs; then and thereafter they used global media access to transmit…

John C. Wohlstetter

Raise a Glass for National Wine Day

No need to feel guilty about pulling a cork tonight. In fact, it’s your patriotic duty as May 25 is National Wine Day. It’s not clear when it was decided there should be a national day to celebrate wine or who came up with the idea. But it’s clearly one…

Larry Thornberry

Curiouser and Curiouser: Seeking Meaning in a Thoughtless Age

Curiosity and Its Twelve Rules for Life F.H. Buckley (Encounter Books, 248 pages, $30) Novelist and prankster Ken Kesey recounted that his dad upbraided him once, declaring to him, “Your problem is that you keep trying to scrute the inscrutable!” Of course, Kesey’s dad was of the generation that had…

Shmuel Klatzkin

Left Whines for Its Favorites While Imposing Double Standard Against Committed Jews

As a foundational core, this article does not complain. It just tells it like it is. The Left whines and complains that every undesired outcome stems from “systemic racism.” A cop shot Ma’khia Bryant. Next time she should not try plunging a knife into the chest of another Black teen girl. A…

Dov Fischer

George Floyd Square Isn’t Going Anywhere

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — It’s only been one year since George Floyd died under the knee of Derek Chauvin outside Cup Foods, but his memorial has the air of permanence. That’s not just because the city has been unable to regain control over the intersection of 38th St. and Chicago Ave.…

Nic Rowan

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